Monday, April 8, 2013

G- Great Wall of china

The first ascent leads to an opening in the wall
I catch my breath and wonder...
Left or Right...
Up or Down...
Much like facing the questions
that life poses in front of me..
Great changing choices..
One ascends, the other goes down
Strength gathered, my mind made up,
I choose my path.....
                    and walk along...                      

Gone are those who toiled for this...
years hence,
I can smell the blood shed,
 their sweat  cements and   holds the bricks
with each small step,
the giant wall takes away my breath

The ascent leads  to a steep descent ..
those who chose to go down 
now face a great climb..
Embracing all,denying none,
come sleet, rain or shine
The old guardian stands
the  test of time.

Blogging for the A-Z Challenge

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  1. A great metaphor for life and how well you've expressed it, Sharmila.

  2. Great words and metaphors...:)

  3. Thought provoking musings of ascent and descent. I guess both can invoke pain and pleasure in equal measures.

    PS: it's totally unrelated, but your post set me crooning this:

    'They got a wall in China
    It’s a thousand miles long
    To keep out the foreigners
    They made it strong
    And I got a wall around me
    That you can’t even see
    It took a little time
    To get next to me....'

    That's Paul Simon, 'Something so right'.

  4. Wow ! :D

    Just yesterday I saw The Great Wall of China in a movie "The Way Back" and here I see a personal experience from a blogger :D

  5. Absolutely lovely expression. I enjoyed every bit. Cheers, Laxmi

  6. Sharmila, I hate the fact that you write so sparingly................please, come back fast! You are a wonderful wordsmith. Loved this one!

  7. Definitely on my bucket list! How wonderful that you got to experience it firsthand!

  8. You took me on a journey - very nice. Loved the poem and the pics.

  9. wow- good piece of writing sharmila :)

  10. Oh, how wonderful. The Great Wall of China is on my wishlist, Sharmila. I love your verse!

  11. Loved this sharmila ...absolutely loved this :)

  12. Awesome description of the great wall !
    It is the only structure visible from moon as per the records
    Loved this post

  13. Such a labor of patience and pain this has been.

  14. This is one place I so want to see!

  15. Beautiful post and thanks for taking us on this trip to China, Sharmila:)

  16. Aha! Thankd for giving us a virtual tour of this wonderful place :)

  17. The first para - fantastic metaphor !
    Loved the way you described the poem Sharmilla !

  18. The wall of China is so fascinating!!! I don't think I'll ever get there but it's truly fascinating.

  19. I just loved your expressions, you are too good, I enjoyed this blog post, thanks for posting !!

  20. One place I'll visit before I do my final ascent. Just LOVED LOVED LOVED the life metaphors. And the cyclical nature of what goes up, comes down, and down goes up. Awesome.



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