Friday, July 9, 2010

Sinner for Ever......

Just joined SAGS(Sinners Against Gender Stereotypes ) on FB .Though I am quite a 'girly' girl ,there are quite a few things not quite girly about me.
1.I do not take ages getting ready.When it is time to leave, for work or for a social do, it is me all ready and set waiting for hubby dear to emerge from the green room. ;-)
2.I do not like shopping and I hate window shopping .
3.Diamonds are not my best friends.I am not interested in jewellery at all ,haven't bought a single piece  for myself ever.
4.I do not like Mills and Boon type mushy romantic books though I am a voracious reader with a huge collection.
5.I neither lose my head nor cool when my child gets sick or injured .Will generally take necessary steps rather than biting nails and shedding tears .(Very difficult for my kids to feign illness to miss school when I am around while dad is the softest clay they can mould when sick or injured.)
6.My world does not circle around my maids.I never think  about delaying anything because my maids have not turned up or have been delayed.
7.I do not make a fuss about hubby and kids playing cricket and table tennis in my living room. We actually have a match size TT table,a practice ball hanging in the living room and umpteen sets of  glasses,vases and tea cups sacrificed all thanks to the serious daily training sessions at home. In fact I have been threatened  to wisen up by friends' wives and other mothers who have been urged to follow my example.
8.I am fearless of the dark ,ghosts etc. but I can be jumpy around creepy crawlies .
9.I do not like chocolate in any form.
10.I  am not a make up person at all.
I am all of the above but I also love meeting my girl friends for gossip sessions,and think they are therapeutic.I weep unshamedly while watching movies or when my kids are on stage for a performance and last but not the least,I do worry about my weight and yes,I looove pink.



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