Sunday, February 3, 2013

Çelebration at Golconda Bowl

The handsome new entrant in the family had crossed one more milestone in his career and the young couple were in a mood to celebrate with the family.


Always ready to try out new places for good food, the youngsters took to scanning the net .Zomato came to the rescue yet again in the hunt for a nice place to eat.Incidentally, I had done a review for Zomato restaurant guide , Mumbai a while ago for Blogadda.

The seven month old dining near Globus at Bandra west is called Golconda bowl.The name is suggestive enough that it serves Hyderabadi cuisine as its speciality.

The parking was entrusted to the valet as we were welcomed  by the warm interiors of the place.I saw a lot of curtains dividing little sections and tables where big families much like my own family of 14, were seated.

We were spared the trouble  of placing the order as the teens and young adults in the family took over.There is always a risk of extra food on the table when the task of placing the order is entrusted to kids but I was pleasantly surprised to see the manager helping them gently with the task.He suggested and explained in detail about each dish and its accompaniments.The suggestions were welcome since none of us were very well versed with the Hyderabadi cuisine.

The starters and soups were served promptly, earning favourable points immediately from the famished family of foodies.Delayed first course is a sure shot way of putting off a foodie.Thankfully the service maintained a steady flow throughout .

Gosht shorba , Rann, Reshmi murg tikka,fish, Stuffed Mushrooms and Veg Kebabs were polished off in silence.Not a soul looked away from the food on the plate and that was a good sign indeed.The main course was a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food .Haleem and Veg Koftas were relished and so were Nalli Nihari and Subz Hariali ,served to perfection with choice of breads.The now famous ( Big B's Biryani of the same name in the film  Cheeni Kum ) Hyderabadi Biryani had to be tried and it did not dissapoint our taste buds.

We ended the meal with Double Ka Meetha and Seviyan Kheer. Few upturned noses in the family who initially refused to have desserts  let themselves loose when they tasted a  tiny spoonful of the sinful desserts .

Paan never excites me personally, but to others, the attractively decorated paan tray proved to be perfect after the delicious heavy meal.


All in all , an evening well spent with family and good food at  Golconda bowl . Last but definitely not the least , it did not burn a hole in our pockets. :)

The 7x7x7x7 Prompt

While my blog lay neglected yet again for various reasons, Corinne of Everyday Gyaan came up with this exciting prompt.

Grab the 7th book from your bookshelf. Open it up to page 7. Pinpoint the 7th sentence on the page. Begin a poem that begins with that sentence and limit its length to 7 lines.

The book on my first shelf from the left was The book of woman by Osho. The numbered page seven,seventh line said something about woman and the missionary position.Frankly ,not a single decent word came out of my mind so I began counting from the right and spotted   Seven 6s are 43 by Kiran Nagarkar . The seventh line on page seven says : 
......They are what they are and one is what one is.

Here is my composition, all of seven lines,keeping close to the thought behind the above..

They are what they are and one is what one is...                                                              

 Aiming to change precisely that,
is like asking for magic where there is none.
What is left of him is not him anymore,
a shadow mere of what you yearned for. 
Put away that mould that tells you to hold.....
To change is to control and to control not love,
 it's broken shackles that yield enduring bonds

Image-courtesy-Google Images

We may have unfair expectations from others to be more like us but we should understand that they should be appreciated for what they are.If  we do not like what we see , the change has to be from our side. It is not on others to make us happy, it is our own responsibility. Sooner we understand that, healthier our relationships will be.

Thank you Corinne for the prompt.


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