Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just a matter of time

This story is part of  edition 8 of Indifiction Workshop.The theme given is horror and the plot was  given by Jayashree Srivatsan.

The story:

Just A matter Of Time.

I am kind of wary of  this man who has walked with me for over ten kilometers through this dense forest.He keeps talking to himself or may be  to no one in sightl. Why does he have to look up to trace the heads of the tall trees every now and then?I wish I was alone in this big escape plan from the heavily guarded central jail of Bandipur. If it was not for his strong sense of direction and extra sharp sensory perception,I would have never let him in my plans.Something about him is not normal.I have seen many ugly faces but this one is not normal.Thank God he agreed to leave his constant companion, that scary black cat behind, before we escaped from the prison.. Read the full story here....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A letter to my Words

I stood wide eyed and gazed around,
you seemed so far away..
Woebegone,I closed my eyes
and I found you within my own self ,
in my heart and all over my mind.

Since then...
I have used you as crutches, I have used you as my shield
I hid behind your thick foliage, in hope and in despair,
I expressed  love, I conveyed  detest
For shaping my thoughts my words,  I thank thee..

Could never imagine in the wildest of dreams,
my world without you and your quaint twine
Lost in oblivion,I did stand perplexed,
in the complex  maze of my own  words enmeshed.

Until ,lies and deceit, became ,but just a shade of the truth
They looked like truth and they did pass  as one.

But you stood right  beside and never  failed me.
In your victory my words, I came second to none.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why I Write

I write because
                    I see...
I write because
                    I feel...
I write because
                    thoughts wander in my mind,
                    and tend to slip away
                    far into the oblivion
                    and I want them to stay..
I write to play with the stray thoughts
                     and string them together..
                     and weave a quilt,
                     warm and comforting,
                      a fabric,unique and so -me .
Or, perhaps I write merely because,
                      when my name and I , cease to exist..
                      my words will still remain,
                      for someone on this earth
                      to remember me and cherish,
                      even as they read..
This is my response to this week's prompt on Write Tribe- Why I write

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sanjha- Chulha by and for the Blogeshwaris.

Indiblogeshwari forum -A significant part of me, turns a year old and it is celebration time!
This is a Sanjha - Chulha for women from all walks of life. Sanjha chulha for the uninitiated , has been an old tradition in rural Punjab where women gather to cook in a huge tandoor which they share with their neighbours .Women shared much more than food around these community stoves.They shared their grief and their joys . IB is pretty much the same for us, albeit virtual.What is cooked here is unbelievably interesting.The basic ingredient ( read- a random post) is provided by one woman from somewhere across the world and the flurry of activity has to be seen to be believed ! Food for thought is always more in supply  than the demand so there are simple and exotic  ingredients thrown in for good measure from all over the world by hyper excited bunch of women and the final dish turns out to be beyond anybody's imagination ! We can start a discussion from a book review and end it with dadi ma ka nuskha for acne !  The tandoor of this sanjha chulha is hot 24x7 and apart from fresh bread and what not being baked here ,what radiates in abundance from the chulha  is warmth...and it is never in short supply.If you think the ladies do not indulge in leg pulling and the vessels are not flying around all over the place,you are hugely mistaken .You just do not hear the sound! Suddenly, during a tu-tu-main-main, someone mentions something interesting about a handsome hunk and the delicate  fingers begin a mavali dance on the keyboards. Talk about one liberated group and you don't need to look any further.
The young and the old mingle here freely to exchange thoughts-kabhi gossip kabhi wisdom ! I have spent few of my most memorable afternoons with Vinita,Corinne and Janaki ,three key members of the IB gang.Thanks to them, I got  my ROFLMAO days back after I last experienced those while  in college.
'The Elusive One ' was the prompt given at the beginning of the month by the principal of IB college .I do not wish to be introduced to the vikral-avatar of lady Vinita Bahl ,so here I am back on my laptop after a month to blog about my elusive one.
Come April and my house helps, all three of them vanished for a long vacation. My daily grind and housework woes is not the subject matter of this post ,so you can relax and continue to read further :)
-I explored hidden corners in my own house and found stuff which I had forgotten completely about. Some things were found tied neatly inside a polythene bag  and placed beneath the old printer .To think that the said object was on my priority 'to buy' list.
 -I found so many wires and cables that if I lay them end to end ,I can connect it to a laptop as far as  inside the airport lounge.
- I opened another polythene bag and the next few minutes were spent saving my head from crazy balls flying and bouncing crazily all around.I also realized that it was that simple to make my family laugh!!
-I found ALL my butterfly clips ! I do not need to mention here that they were part of another treasure in yet another plastic bag.
(The list is still under construction ...)
I realized that my  full day house help had been stuffing things inside plastic bags all over the house, behind ,under and over the cupboards and lofts.All this, in the name of dusting and cleaning !What she thought was unimportant,promptly got stuffed and kept out of our sight and beyond  our reach.
What I did next was to take leave from work ,make sure that Hobbs and son were lost  in an interesting gadget exhibition for the whole day and then perform the most difficult task of throwing the unwanted stuff out of the house. The stuff was sorted and the objects that were out of sight for more than three months and were not missed ,were discarded. The Raddiwala was called on the sly and was instructed to take it all away as fast as he could. My home had lost a lot of weight and pleased as a punch on a great mission being successfully accomplished,I sat down with a cup of kadak chai .That is when Hobbs and son rang the doorbell.
The wires ,the non functional old printer and the broken Gameboy had found their way back home with the duo. Sigh!!
What I decided after this whole episode is that I ought to reduce my dependency on the house helps .Every now and then, from now on,I do this one job and many other odd ones around the house ,myself. I can not function without helps but I will definitely not lean on them completely. Your best wishes will be more than welcome :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

100 words On Saturday - Your Call

Endless wait stretched for days .Her life back home was waiting for her.She had been informed about three weeks back and she flew down as soon as she could, to fulfil her duty .Did she have to?No ! Did he deserve it? Not at all!
A decade ago,she had left it all behind,his maddening rage,abuse and the marriage.
 He met his match in a disgruntled servant who smashed his master's skull in a fit of rage.He lay in the hospital bed on life-supports.
A shrill ring and a voice -"Your call madam.....the hospital". 

                             100WordsOnSaturdayEverydayGyaan zps523cd9d5 100 Words On Saturday   Week 11

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quiet Communication--100 Words on Saturday.

Did you say something ? I felt it in silence and we shared that silence .
Your unspoken words  have that  power to reach out .
They find ways to convey  they have messengers ,able and eager, to help them in this endeavour. 
Little gestures ;  tilt of the head ,narrowed  eyes, hands folded  or lips forming a smile....they all speak.
It may take a while for my eyes to linger longer, to meet your eyes but I will learn.
In this cacophony of sounds and words ,there is space for the unspoken. To hear the sound of  'quiet ' will take some time.

                                           100WordsOnSaturdayEverydayGyaan1 100 Words On Saturday   Week 9

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z---Zooming in


         Zooming in at this nook
where soft drizzle of words pooled in
         this is my Zen moment


The above attempted lines are dedicated to our own nook ..our nukkad or adda where jab bhi we met, it rained words.. This is my Zen moment as I successfully complete the challenge with your support and appreciation. Thank you all for dropping by,reading me and supporting me :)

A to Z Challenge [2013]



Monday, April 29, 2013

Y---Yeralti Sehri

Yeralti Sehri is an amazing underground city in Derinkuyu province ,Cappadocia ,Turkey. The inhabitants of the region took shelter in this city from the raids of Arab armies. In Byzantine times it contained a full complex of food stores,kitchen,stables,schools,churches ,wells, wine and oil presses and much more. The underground city had a total of 13 level subdivisions spread over eight main levels. The total depth is 85meters under the ground with many shafts opening at the ground level.It had the capacity of accommodating around 20,000 people at a time.
The city aptly translated as 'dark well' ,is the largest known example of troglodyte living in Cappadocia. Eight of the levels are open to public ,with the lowest level at the depth of 54m ( 177ft).

                                    Planning of the underground city...
Vents doubled up as entrances as well as ventilators for the city. There are numerous vents that open up to the ground above .
                                       This is how the vents look like ...

                       Various tunnels open up into numerous interconnected chambers.

We were told that this was the school in the olden times ,where scholars  conducted their classes .

The young tour guide played a prank on us.. He dared us to enter the small narrow tunnel (in pic below),and warned us that it was extremely dark and claustrophobic inside.Unable to resist the dare, I entered through one of the openings and within seconds came out of the other  :D

 This tunnel felt like it would never end. Thankfully, it was one of those few which had lights to guide us. One constant thought that stayed with me was that if I were a few more inches than my present frame,I would probably have stayed on top and not have ventured below. It was thrilling to go deeper and deeper down,exploring the underground levels but by the time we reached about 54m it was scary .It was amazing that we did not experience lack of oxygen even at the lowest permissible floor.Various vents maintained ventilation at the levels. I have to admit that the climb while on our way back ,required will power..a lot of it !

                   The underground city - Yeraltı şehri  Ağırnas/Kayseri ***

Those rare moments when I am glad that I am vertically challenged !! The tunnels were much less than five feet in height and even I had to bend ! This gentleman had to double up..
 There was light at the end of this tunnel ....

Saddened to see that miscreants and love birds did not think twice before damaging this heritage !

A to Z Challenge [2013]

Saturday, April 27, 2013


                                           Xanthodontous - Having Yellow teeth

Hold that big mug of daily coffee , nth cuppa tea, say no to fizzy drinks . Too much chocolate and red wine might make you xanthodontous. Had a fall,hurt your teeth, you may end up with discoloured teeth.Decayed teeth are stained too and so are dead teeth. Some antibiotics discolour the teeth too.
                     Bleaching comes to your rescue! Bleaching gives that sparkling smile!

        Bonding directly with new age composites or porcelain veneers for that perfect bright smile!

             Porcelain fused to metal or all ceramic crowns  can also be used to transform the look.

                                           Now THAT is a million dollar smile !                                          

Images courtesy Google images

Friday, April 26, 2013

W--Witch,Wicked Woman

Ever since I saw the film Ek Thi daayan, I have been thinking a lot about witches .Loosely used ,The word witch would mean a wicked woman or so I thought until I read that all witches are not wicked and all wicked women are not witches. Now since this fact is almost sorted,I feel a little relieved because I have been hiding a wicked woman inside me for a long time. Under normal circumstances,this lady is in a  comatose state sleeping in the deepest strata of my subconscious. Very rarely though,some mortals succeed in shaking her up from her deep slumber.One of the many occasions ...
 I was waiting for the lift with my sister in law .The lift was coming up and we saw a man inside who in turn ,saw us waiting .He went up while we girls got busy chatting.We could hear the lift singing the irritating tune "Kripaya darwaza bund karein....kripaya daar bunda karaa...please close the door " in the loop.We could also hear a man laughing and chatting with someone on the top floor,obviously keeping the lift door open. Good  eight minutes later ( we did count !!) the lift came down , but the guy had his back towards us.Ready- to- punch- his- face- but- controlling- our- anger ,-that was our state. Can you believe that he did not stop at our floor ? Now THIS was an insult !We pressed and held on to the lift button with our dear lives....

Within minutes,the lift brought him up to our floor.
He- ???
We entered the lift, I excused myself , made an exit, kept the lift door open, gave a shout out to someone imaginary on the floor, asked myself  aloud  if I had forgotten something ,checked the door of my house by hanging on to it and then re entered the lift.
By the way we both were in perfect sync ,there was no scripting required and it was all impromptu.
Wicked ? Oh yeah !
It is beyond the scope of this post to illustrate all the wicked / witch moments experienced in this lifetime so I would like to throw this question to you instead. If you have no answers to  this question,you belong to the Himalayas.
What /who brings out the wicked person  in you ? 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V--Vegetarians and Vegans

Read on Twitter -
Q-How do you recognise a vegetarian / vegan at a party?
A-Wait for five minutes,he will come and tell you on his own.

A man seated for dinner in a restaurant, opens his bag, retrieves two big packs of ready to eat meals,calls the waiter and spends the next ten minutes instructing him on how to assemble it. A confused waiter flips the pack and reads the simple instructions,nods and walks towards the kitchen. Five minutes later,the guest starts fiddling with the cutlery,drops a couple of them, makes some more noises with the crockery and casts furtive glances in the direction of  the kitchen. Finally ,unable to contain his restlessness,he walks towards the kitchen,opens the door and enters it. Seconds later,he is ushered out by the polite waiter. He stares at the door ,paces a few times and then stands on his toes to peep through the looking glass inside. While looking,his expressions change, he moves his head side to side and his palm meets his forehead. He looked as if he was doomed .He walked like a defeated man towards his table and sat down with slumped shoulders. The waiter served his food in a while and the man spoke to him for some time telling him how exactly the food was to be served. I saw him eat his two bowls of Rajma-Chawal  in silence .He then walked towards the dessert counter at the pre arranged buffet of the restaurant .He prodded each dish with a fork,disgust writ large on his expressions. He made faces at the texture of the dishes and finally picked a few fruits before walking out.
He was later seen taking a brisk walk by the poolside, talking loudly on his phone. He spoke about how the waiter used microwave oven to heat his Rajma rather than boiling it in a pan.The dish was too hot for his liking. How rice was not soft and was giving him gases and that is why he was out by the poolside, walking. He was digging his gums  with a tooth pick ,which  was expected to do the work of a shovel. 
Did I imagine, earlier at dinner  or did the same waiter's gaze linger a wee bit longer at me when he realised that I was a vegetarian too. My plate was full with delicious local food ,chosen by me from the variety of food on display.
Scene 2
There was a little agitation in the lobby of the hotel with a large group of travellers arguing with the tour operator about jalebi not being served the night before for dinner. The eggless pastries were not relished by the group and the Gulab Jamuns were too dry for their liking. Someone remarked that the whole excursion was a flop because of the missing Jalebis.
Scene 3
In a wine and food appreciation meet for bloggers,I was  seated next to a lady who proudly stated that she was a vegan. Well nothing unusual about that but the way she manipulated the servings , sent the organisers on guilt trips ,had to be seen to be believed.The harassed team had a tough time  keeping up with her  demands and the fellow bloggers could not understand her contempt for their food choices.

Decades ago,on my first overseas trip,I survived on bread and fries from McDonalds .After having salads and fries for three weeks, the sight and smell of McDonalds was enough to put me off food. Those days, there was no internet ,no awareness and limited resources to indulge in the luxury of vegetarianism in a foreign land . I hated the idea of carrying theplas ( spiced flat bread) but I did,for emergencies ,while continuing my search of vegetarian food locally. With the internet, things are much easier now for vegetarians.One can research local vegetarian fare and locate diners serving veg food in the vicinity of their stay and even order Indian food in the comfort of the hotel room. I have done all. I however prefer to experiment with local veg fare as far as possible.
Staying in apartment suits also helps the cause if one doesn't mind cooking on a vacation. I do take those.apartments once in a while but prefer not to cook as far as possible. 
  So ,how particular are you about your food choices when you are away from home .Is food so important that if you do not have it your way,there  can not be any other way ?

A sneak peak into what I ate...on my recent trip...
The biggest tray and vegetarian spread on the right (egg was passed on to the family) with apple tea for breakfast.
Something to start with...before the lunch gets ready...

 Mushrooms and choice of veggies served with sticky rice and potato on the side.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U---- Unaccustomed girl in Unfazed Mumbai

 All of 24 years and fresh out of college,I was already working as a lecturer for my parent institution in my city .The transition was overnight and I had to remind myself time and again that I was on the other side of the table. I got married.. and very soon it was time to shift to Mumbai. I was quite uptight with the thought of the impending shift. Thoughts of  lifestyle changes that may be necessary while setting up house and work in Mumbai often crossed my mind.On one such occasion ,I expressed my doubts aloud and my teacher remarked-"You still look like a student , when you go to Mumbai as a lecturer, remember to don a mature  look and behave like a teacher."
This stayed with me and I packed a lot of saris to wear to work.
 I dressed carefully for my first day at work in Mumbai. A  blue sari in crepe chiffon ,teamed with delicate high heeled footwear.A functional bag, long hair tied neatly,I set out confidently for work.Hobbs had explained two ways of travel from Vile Parle to Victoria Terminus (now CST), -direct bus or local train with one  change of trains at Dadar. I have always been adventurous, so I took the bus while going and reached the hospital in 45min flat. Hah ! This is a breeze ,I thought !In the evening ,I decided to take the local train home.A student ,newly introduced to me,gave up her regular space for me to sit till Dadar. All was well till we reached Dadar. Then all hell broke loose. Ladies,like a swarm of bees  crossed their paths on the platform.Their was buzz all around.I could see only heads all around.A confused me,looked around for that familiar face in the crowd.There was none. I looked around at the indicators and reached the  platform to catch the next train to Vile Parle.
I patiently waited a little distance away from the lady in front of me when I heard someone ask me equally impatiently,"Jaane ka hai ?" ( Do you want to go ?). I nodded a weak yes."Naya hai ?"( Are you new to this city?)-she asked. She knew that I was,I need not have answered that one.This gave her the right to make sure I was on the train.No,she did not gently hold my hand to guide me,she just pushed me hard from behind so she could enter the train. I took 5 seconds to look for an empty seat ,so at the end of it,there was none left ! I tried to hold on to the ground for the next 40 minutes while I got pushed,pulled,pressed and squeezed by women of all sizes.There was absolutely,remotely nothing sexual about it.
According to my calculations,Vile Parle was fast approaching and I was not sure on which side of the compartment would the platform be.I asked someone.The lady in question looked horrified as if I had staked   claim on her property.She pointed in the opposite direction as her expressions changed from horror to pity.She then called out to a fisher woman who was returning home after her day's sales. " Parla la utrao tila, naveen ahe wattae." ( she is new,help her get down at Parle station ) The well endowed lady was quick ,she grasped my shoulders and pushed ,yelling on top of her voice," Bajoo...bajoo...baasi machchhi hai "(calling out to people to move away as she had stale fish in her bag).I felt a liquid trickle down the nape of my neck while cold ,clammy ,scruffy from use, hands of the lady pushed me out of the compartment. I was stinking  but relieved to be in one piece and on the platform staggering on my feet. The lady slapped her palm on her forehead " Deva..wachav  .. kai bi khara nhai ya porincha " ( God save these new age girls ) and took her position on the door of the same compartment as the train moved.
I gathered my wits,my bag, and realised to my horror that my sari lay unfurled on the ground. I clutched my bosom ,thankfully,my pallu was  pinned up in place still covering my 'izzat'.I gathered the pleats only to realise that I had only one shoe with broken heel on my foot. I saw the other one slip disappear beneath the moving train. I kicked the other one too off my foot .
While the world zipped by,unfazed and uncaring, my own confidence was shattered to bits.
The humiliation I felt is indescribable in words.
In that unsettled state,I left the station .
It was on that platform on that day of August that I pledged to give away all my saris .My mom and mother in law were the beneficiaries.
Today,this once unaccustomed girl  has an undying love for this city of Mumbai. Under the over bridge of fast life in a fast lane there is a soft belly .This city of my dreams is home and home is where the heart is!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T-----Tongue Fu


A difficult, rude man boarded a completely full flight .He began complaining loudly about anything and everything in sight. His bag not fitting the overhead bin ,he being sandwiched into the middle seat of the middle row, the delay in serving lunch and the lunch being a mere sandwich etc..He then proceeded to take a bite of his sandwich and dropped it back in the tray and angrily pushed the call button.
The flight attendant appeared promptly and asked him very politely, “Yes, how may I help you ?“  
He shoved the sandwich towards her and growled,” This sandwich is bad!”
The girl looked from him to his sandwich. She then looked back at him and stared at his sandwich long and hard. She focussed on him and then shook her finger at the sandwich and scolded, “Bad sandwich, you.. BAD sandwich!!”
The man was taken aback, a stunned silence followed and then everybody around burst out laughing, including the man.
Someone asked the girl later, how she came up with the idea. She explained that in her profession, she was required to handle such difficult people almost every day. Humour was a perfect antidote for the poison of rudeness, she said. Humour   was her mantra for people management at work and beyond.
The above excerpt is from an interesting book called Tongue Fu by Sam Horn.
Tongue Fu is the verbal equivalent of Kung Fu ( a martial art form ) .To deflect, disarm and diffuse any verbal conflict ,the art of Tongue Fu can be used.
Sam Horn has described various real life situations with rude or difficult people from all walks of life and how to tackle such people. The book is laced with humour in the form of  funny anecdotes and that makes it a delightful read .
Anyone who feels tongue tied in the face of a conflict, can use tongue Fu to create connection instead of alienation. Many pearls of wisdom in this book come from eminent personalities but I loved the real life anecdotes the most.

I picked this book ,only because the title intrigued me.I had not heard of the author before and  I am glad the book did not disappoint me.It is an easy read and I finished reading it in two days.

A to Z Challenge [2013]


Monday, April 22, 2013

S----Sky is the limit !

Sky is the limit ! I believe so and the following photographs will prove this! These were clicked  at Goreme,Cappadocia ,Turkey
We prepare for a Hot Air Balloon ride at the crack of dawn. First splash of colour in the sky at 5.30am 

  We prepare for our date with the sky. The basket of the hot air balloon is our borrowed space for the next couple of hours .Our captain instructs us and prepares for the flight. There was enough fire in him and his balloon to launch us in the sky.

The flight takes off and very soon, the sky decides to show us its true colours ! 

Meanwhile, a bright balloon passed by...

                  Several balloons in various stages of take off...all eager to meet the sky.

 The Sky in various shades of blue dotted with balloons.

   Clouds wanted to meet us so they decided to fly close.

"The earth is feeling jealous mister"....say the tall ,stately ,natural rock formations, reaching out to the sky. 

 View from the sky is overwhelming and we remember a certain Mr Google while looking at the landscape :)                    

 "I think better start believing in  'sky is the limit ' thingy....makes sense now.View from the top is so much better. Parents can be right sometimes !"


Saturday, April 20, 2013

R-- Raita Recipe

 Raita , a daily fix in my kitchen forms an important part of meals for the family. Presenting here ,Spinach raita which can be made in a jiffy.It can be had as a cold soup accompanying some salad or as a raita complimenting a rice dish.

Ingredients :
Spinach    --a small bunch
Coriander --a few twigs
Ginger      --One inch piece
Chillies      --One or two

Curd             --one cup
Salt                --a pinch
Chilli powder  -a pinch
Cumin powder-a pinch
Black Salt ----a pinch

Procedure :
Blanch spinach in boiling water. Puree along with ginger,green chillies and coriander leaves. This can be stored in an airtight bottle in the fridge for a few days and can be used to make raita, dal,soups,palak paneer ( spinach-cottage cheese curry) .It can also be added to regular dough to make parathas ,theplas or added to dosa batter .
Mix one heaped tablespoon of the spinach puree to beaten curd, add salt,black salt,roasted cumin and chilli powder .
Serve with rice,biryani, or pulav.
Add more water to have it as buttermilk or chhas.
Make it thicker and add grated carrot or cucumber to relish this as a cold soup.


Friday, April 19, 2013


In the quiet of a dark night,they huddled together in a dark corner of what once was their home.The only hope they could latch on to was that of a quick detachment of their bodies from their souls. Trembling limbs tightly clasped in a vice like grip,they could hear the other's palpitating heart. Agitated by the tremors ,the ground caved in .Engulfed by the quaking earth,their lips quivered ,too weak to speak but in silent prayer..


Thursday, April 18, 2013


Pamukkale , meaning 'cotton castle' ( pamuk--cotton + kale --castle ) in Turkish, is a natural site in Denzili Province in south Western Turkey. The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left behind by flowing water.The site is UNESCO protected .

Small streams of mineral rich water are guided through terraces in the area. The 'snow-clad 'mountains are actually covered with mineral deposits.

Cappadocia Ephesus Pamukkale Package Tour by Bus

The water ,rich in minerals comes straight from several hot springs and gets collected into the terraces along the slopes .

                                            The view is breath taking .......

The mineral rich water has medicinal value and it is beneficial for the skin and is known to be helpful in many other conditions.
 Shoes are strictly forbidden .My kids saw the steep slope and the bare foot walk ahead  in the hot Sun and you can imagine the looks I must have invited from all quarters.Hobbs was ready to turn back as the ground was slippery beneath his feet ;) None of them had the heart to go back though and we all decided to take the difficult route downhill.
 The water was warm to touch and as we continued the one and a half hour walk along the slope, our feet intermittently encountered  small pools of ice cold water. The alternating warm and cold water tingled our senses and the feeling was that of pure bliss ! The walk was turning out to be the most memorable one ...
 The slope was steep and required a lot of balance on the feet as the ground was  slippery. No one complained though.Daughter touched and felt all along the trail...the stones,the clay,the deposits and splashed water like a small child .

Hobbs and son bonded through the trail and I heard my son ask his dad -" Can we make a house here ? Will the Turkish Government allow us to stay back? How expensive do you think will be  property in this area? "
They had loved the place ,obviously even more than I did. I smiled beneath my hat .


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