Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A letter to my Words

I stood wide eyed and gazed around,
you seemed so far away..
Woebegone,I closed my eyes
and I found you within my own self ,
in my heart and all over my mind.

Since then...
I have used you as crutches, I have used you as my shield
I hid behind your thick foliage, in hope and in despair,
I expressed  love, I conveyed  detest
For shaping my thoughts my words,  I thank thee..

Could never imagine in the wildest of dreams,
my world without you and your quaint twine
Lost in oblivion,I did stand perplexed,
in the complex  maze of my own  words enmeshed.

Until ,lies and deceit, became ,but just a shade of the truth
They looked like truth and they did pass  as one.

But you stood right  beside and never  failed me.
In your victory my words, I came second to none.


  1. And you are back! Loved this.

  2. To write to your words! That's a beautiful thing.

  3. Such a beautiful writing!
    your word selection is very apt :-)

    Keep writing dear
    Best wishes

  4. loved the words :).. and I don't get ur blog updates on my reader list :( why??

  5. This one is just too good to be praised by words



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