Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just a matter of time

This story is part of  edition 8 of Indifiction Workshop.The theme given is horror and the plot was  given by Jayashree Srivatsan.

The story:

Just A matter Of Time.

I am kind of wary of  this man who has walked with me for over ten kilometers through this dense forest.He keeps talking to himself or may be  to no one in sightl. Why does he have to look up to trace the heads of the tall trees every now and then?I wish I was alone in this big escape plan from the heavily guarded central jail of Bandipur. If it was not for his strong sense of direction and extra sharp sensory perception,I would have never let him in my plans.Something about him is not normal.I have seen many ugly faces but this one is not normal.Thank God he agreed to leave his constant companion, that scary black cat behind, before we escaped from the prison.. Read the full story here....

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  1. Read this story at the wrong time :(... It is 8 pm and I am by myself at home ....

    Nice attempt though :)



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