Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiny footprints in the sand ....

Another precious life lost! First Juhi and now Tejaswee, both young,all of 19 years ,vivacious,full of life with dreams in their eyes and both victims of dreaded dengue fever.
Juhi,I remember as a little girl,burdened with heavy school bag,  slung carelessly on one shoulder ,something to eat in one hand ( or was it a water bottle?) and shoes in the other hand,hair flying across her pretty face,thus she sprinted almost everyday after the school bus.I think the driver drove slow on purpose and every one heaved a sigh of relief as she managed to catch the bus, well... on most days.It was hard not to love her...her smile was infectious ,her eyes twinkling with hopes and dreams.
Tejaswee ,IHM's little girl,I hardly knew in person..wish had read her blog while she was amongst us...
Words have this ability to bond ..and it is through her blog that now that I feel connected as if I have known her for years.
Why were both  lives lost so young ? Why did they enrich our lives for such a short while?We needed more of Juhi and Tejaswee. They had dreams and they made us part of their dreams ,we looked up to them for energy when we were down,we derived strength from their persona,we had hopes when they hoped..,then why was their journey cut short from the face of this earth?
The answer lies in the tiny footprints they have left in the sands of time. Steps can not be retraced but the footprints of memories remain etched on this earth till eternity.We do not know how or why but these little ones came for a purpose,fulfilled the same and made us richer in the process.Those lives  touched by these souls have been enriched for ever. The sunshine they spread will bring smile on to our lips whenever we think of them.
RIP girls,keep on inspiring from wherever you are ,we still haven't finished on this earth and we will continue looking up to you.


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