Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why I Write

I write because
                    I see...
I write because
                    I feel...
I write because
                    thoughts wander in my mind,
                    and tend to slip away
                    far into the oblivion
                    and I want them to stay..
I write to play with the stray thoughts
                     and string them together..
                     and weave a quilt,
                     warm and comforting,
                      a fabric,unique and so -me .
Or, perhaps I write merely because,
                      when my name and I , cease to exist..
                      my words will still remain,
                      for someone on this earth
                      to remember me and cherish,
                      even as they read..
This is my response to this week's prompt on Write Tribe- Why I write


  1. And we can feel your passion.

  2. Its a great reason Sharmila, that when we are long gone, our words will stay to spread the message our minds weave. :)

  3. Beautifully expressed. My reasons to write match yours and perhaps others will join too. :)

  4. I like this prompt - I am always curious to know why people write. For quite a few people answer seems to be the same - To leave your words behind on this earth long after you depart your mortal existence.

  5. weave a quilt .. warm and comforting .. very well put !

  6. Awesome reasons to write... love the way you have shared your reasons here!



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