Friday, April 5, 2013

E----- Epitaph



                  Here lies Sharmila
    done to death by no secret formula
    she dared to live a little too much and far too long .
    Now that she is dead,she wants it known,
    that till she died , she was smiling wide,
    and here she does what she always did best,
    playing dead and enjoying a good rest.
    Visit if you must, then laugh a little laugh...
     so says she, through her own epitaph .

This is for A to Z April challenge               


  1. Writing your own epitaph!! How cool is that!!
    Writing what’s important in your life and about the values and principles which govern your life! Loved your E, Sharmila!

  2. Yours is a great formula
    To bring smiles to faces, Sharmila
    Enjoy living to the hilt
    May you bloom, never wilt
    As for your creativity, it is simply oo-la-la!

  3. Sharmila- I would love if my epitaph reads this too :) Thumbs up gal !

  4. Hahaha...too much! the tile made me suspicious but the poem was awesome. \m/

  5. Till she dies she was smiling wide - Now I don't mind remembered like this !
    This poem made me smile !

  6. Don't do this doc. It is out of fashion, even if you could write it so well.

  7. May u live long and creativity last forever
    god bless

  8. LOL! I love it and I hope mine reads similarly! :)

  9. Love this! My epitaph is going to be very simple:

    "With Gratitude,


    along with the years of my birth and death. So simple!

    Your image is fun, too.... you manage to make a serious topic somehow fun and light!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    Julie Jordan Scott
    Our Literary Grannies from A to Z:E is for Ellen Emerson
    tweet me - @juliejordanscot

  10. Love the cleverness of this! 'Playing dead' - is that what a holiday means? ;)

  11. Jaate,jaate, yahan bhi dentistgiri Kari na. Pran hate par smile na hate.....hmmmmmmm

  12. Nice idea and penned beautifully.

  13. Lovely, I had done a similar thing some time back-

  14. Hugs! Sharmila. Don't know how i missed this the first time around! My apologies. I remember we once had a practice epitaph writing session in school :D



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