Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Children are useful -
for the poor, as extra hands in  labour
for the rich , as proud exhibits
for the class in between,
 reasons for daily struggle and sacrifice.

Children are adaptable -
they entertain when you have the time
and a  free mind to listen,
they attract your ire
when you are tired.

You can banish them for speaking the truth
or punish them for telling lies..
you teach them to say sorry for their mistakes.....
while you go on denying yours.

Children  are intelligent -
they can see through you but choose to ignore..
You build a facade ,they let  your masks  be....
..and yes,they are kind ,
'cause they love you still.

 Words are mine but the thoughts are those of a simple, wise lady from a remote village in Maharashtra ,who I met at an airport .You can read more words of wisdom from this remarkable lady here. She had a lot to say about marriage,kids and life in general.I was stumped  when she frankly admitted that she was harsh on her kids during their growing up years .She said she understood perfectly well, her children's need to leave the  village and her, to lead comfortable lives abroad.She accepted that she did take out her frustrations on her children many times and regretted almost immediately afterwords.

Her eyes welled up as she remembered her brood. When they were around,she needed no one else.
"Have you ever tried a tight bear hug with your lekru (child) "- she turned around  and asked me.
When I nodded a yes, she smiled a toothless smile
"Have you tried smelling your lekru's  (child's) hair ?" -she asked , a little excited this time.
Umm ..yes, I said, albeit sheepishly, for I thought I may be the only weird mother doing that....
"Watlach!!" ( I thought as much !),- she squealed in delight.

We were poles apart ,she and I,in every single way but at that indescribable moment, we bonded as mothers.

  This is for April A to Z challenge                                                                        
A to Z Challenge [2013]


  1. Awww! So lovely, I like those bonding moments we have with total strangers, somehow it reinforces my faith in humanity. Loved reading this and also about the lady!

    1. Thank you Nandana.Me too,I love meeting people and listening to total strangers.

  2. Beautiful. That was one wonderful encounter, Sharmila. I remember reading your previous post about her. I must hear the whole from you in person.

    1. Thanks Corinne.A chance meeting that stayed with me ..Hope to recollect some more of her words and try and do justice to them.

  3. Loved this absolutely :) You gave a whole new perspective to parenting and children :)

  4. So beautifully insightful, Sharmila! :-) Lovely words.

    1. You are kind Vidya,thank you so much !

  5. Me too!! I tell them that I'm sniffing their childhood and getting my daily vitamins in that way!

    1. teens cringe now,but they can not escape my sniffing :)

  6. This is the truth and you have expressed wonderfully.

    1. Thank you Janu .Truly,I gave it a thought only after I heard her say that.

  7. This tugged at the heart for all the right reasons. Beautiful post.

  8. Thank you BG ,glad you liked it.



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