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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara ,Farhan and Zoya at PVR

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To say that I was looking forward to Zindagi na milegi dobara (ZNMD) ,will be an understatement.We ,as a family, live through the week looking forward to new movie releases every Friday and thanks to multiplexes ,manage to enjoy the movies on the day they release.This Friday was no different as I made sure all body parts were gathered in one place before I went to book tickets : Head (moi),Body (Hobbs -the hubby) and the extremities (Cookie and Muffin).I had to pat my back when I was informed at the PVR, Juhu  ( no other place for me, for movies) booking counter that the only show I could get four tickets together ,was the 6.50pm show and that all other shows were full.  I was not surprised to see the hands of the clock joined together in glee to mock 6.30 pm in my face.Point-1 , in favor of PVR-close proximity from home in case of emergencies like this,you can just hop in ,no need to skip and jump or even drive for that matter .
While I asked for four tickets to Zindagi...Muffin tugged at my purse to state that he changed his mind and he wanted to see Harry Potter first.There was no time for convincing etc so,three for zindagi and one for Harry potter 7.30pm.You sure HP ..alone..Yup, he said and  couldn't contain his smile.Murphy's laws never leave you alone in any life situation and  the counter staff promptly changed duties at that very moment.My facial muscles twitched as they exchanged more than duties and pleasantries ,as the next person filled the new  ticket roll,as he corrected the mistake of  the previous girl ( that could have landed four of us in 'chillar party' instead of HP and ZNMD) ,asked me my preference for seats and finally handed me the tickets.Meanwhile glued -to- TV- Hobbs and glued-to -bed-cookie ,both after a tiring day ,were bbm-ed  a smiley and and 6.50.Seconds later I my bb started pinging furiously as expected.I was used to the drill and pinged back: house keys with me,doesn't matter if you do not have cash ,no I won't sell cookies ticket,she can join after she is done with sleep,will leave her ticket with the doorman,Muffin has time to kill before his show,so your ticket he has and LAST but not at all the least..battery low .Phew!!done for the show.Muffin extracted 200 bucks and some  change ..and waited for Hobbs and Cookie .
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I rushed past an army of press photographers and suddenly  braked in my tracks to see a face in front of me asking in a shrill excited voice,-"kuch hua, ya hone waala hai??"Wha...!The eagerness and excitement could never, ever belong to a Mumbaikar's face and I didn't have the heart to ignore her."You see,two big movie releases today ,stars expected,that is why .." I said. Forget me,she forgot herself ,when she saw Farhan and Zoya alight from their suv.Me Mumbaikar ,so I did the expected,made sure I had a good look from only the corner of my eyes,felt glad at the sight and walked towards the lift.
Point 2 in favor of PVR,the regular  eye-candy  crowd of movie buffs and the regular spottings of  star eye -candy for company .I love it !
It was 6.50pm and my feet were restlessly tapping on the floor as I waited for the lift.My not-so-petite frame was first in line..Another eye contact as Farhan and Zoya joined us and then the voice of the eye-contact whispered -"You mind taking the next lift?" Ok ,I swear ,I love these situations..Farhan forgotten,I braced myself to give the offending guy a BIG piece of my (brainy) mind.Ask any Mumbaikar ,it takes really extraordinary circumstances for him  to forgo his place in any queue .The poor guy was saved from the newly learnt beep- beeps (Hate you Delhi Belly) as Farhan promptly questioned and rejected the idea with a simple, "WHY?" and the obviously wet- behind -the- ears assistant retreated .
We entered the lift ,one young mom waived her ticket and informed Farhan that she was looking forward to the movie. Zoya was fussing over her hair looking in the lift mirror just like any other girl and specially like Cookie.I took the opportunity to thank Farhan for saving his assistant from a nasty retort ( don't blame me from hiding the beep-beep part,girls in their forties are also entitled to 'impressions' and stuff ).A shrug and a smile is all I got :-( and no, I was NOT expecting a hug) .So Mr.Farhan,your status instantly got elevated from'I like him' to 'I am his fan'.
 I settled in my seat to be quickly joined by Hobbs first and cookie 5 min later.They glared at each other briefly,former for making him wait and latter for being left behind .Ah! all was well and soon they will be sharing popcorn till I remind them of my presence in the corner seat. That I did soon enough and they reassured me in unison that Muffin was in audi 5,safe, not to be disturbed ,and that the lights,ac, and all other switches at home  were off and the door was closed and yes, she made sure by pushing it thrice and by hanging on to the handle for 5 seconds.Satisfied ,I was ready for the movie .
I loved the movie.Paisa wasool for me as I soaked in the sights,scenes,humor,drama..the works..Couldn't believe,petite Zoya created another fine art.I loved her' Luck by chance' .She is talented and this movie proved that her earlier success and this, was not just luck by chance.Go watch it,ignore one song in the middle and you will love it .I did.


  1. Hmm Cool ,
    One of my friend also said ..nice moive
    Actually I had also made a plan to watch this film on Sunday but ..non of my friend was ..available got cancelled .

    Take care
    hv a nice week ahead

  2. Oooh you saw Farhan...Should have told him that we prefer him as a Director rather than an actor.

    But he's hawt :D

    Think I"ll catch the movie this weekend with my daughter :))

  3. @vivek,Hi!Welcome to this space and thanks for dropping by..You know what,you can enjoy this movie alone at least that is what RJ Jituraj was advocating:)
    @Purba,You bet he is Red Hawt and burning.Loved his character in the movie and wait till you see Hrittik and lovable Abhay .Have fun!

  4. Hi ,

    I watched movie yesterday , I found it ok . 1st half was pacid and good and second half got a bit slow might have done better add some twists least ..

  5. @Vivek,
    You are right about the song and the drag in the middle of the film but I liked it..Anyways it takes a lot for me to not like a film ,I tend to find something in each film to like.If no story,then visual appeal hi sahi.Only duds and horrors like Aap ka suroor and Sawariya can deter me.:D

  6. even we make such impromptu plans but at inox. loved the blog and also the movie.

  7. loved the blog and also the movie.

  8. Okay. Will watch this movie and I hope I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading your narrative.

  9. Thanks GV for visiting,appreciate that.



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