Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am

It is human nature to be curious about other humans so in that regard you are not alone.

     Welcome to my blog where I rave and rant about anything and everything that catches my eye.I even  snoop    and eavesdrop on conversations in public.I am just short of staring at people if I find them interesting .

     Would like you to know me through my writing 'cause that's what I do when I stalk your blogs.Please read on...
Do leave a line or two and your link too!!
Love life and take care..


  1. Happened to stray here aimlessly from IHM"s blog.

    I just browsed through a few of your recent writings.
    I am liking what I am reading.
    Yours is a "two in one".
    Hindi and English.
    I love reading in both languages.
    But I express myself better in English rather than Hindi, Hindi is not my native tongue.
    (but neither is English, so I wonder if that is a valid excuse)

    I will pass by occasionally and may leave behind a friendly comment if time permits and I feel I have something to say.

    Let me now read some of your Hindi writings too.


  2. Welcome GV!Thanks for visiting and your comments will be more than welcome.We have interacted earlier as readers @ IHM's blog and it has always been a pleasure to read your comments.Truly Honoured:)



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