Monday, April 16, 2012

Tears- A far cry

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Tears,idle tears, I know not what they mean....Tennyson wrote in a wonderful poem .

I do not weep often but I shed tears all the time,copious tears .They say tears are the silent language of grief but in my case tears can take many forms .Before you draw an obvious conclusion that I am perpetually sad and grief stricken or the other extreme that I am talking about crocodile tears,I must elaborate further as to what makes me shed tears so often.

Actually It does not take much to make me misty eyed. If I say I cried when I gave birth to my kids and not because of pain but because I was overwhelmed,it sounds pretty normal .But things were a bit awkward recently when I visited a student of mine in the maternity ward and could not control my tears as I held her baby in my arms. I mean,here she was all excited and smiling about the wonderful experience and there I was trying to hide my eyes brimming with tears.Why??

I just have no control over my hyperactive lachrymal glands.Actually I have learnt to live with the defect but at times it really becomes too much to handle.After the initial fun making ,now the family is also embarrassed about it.How much could they have laughed about it anyways.I have instructions to arrange for the corner seat in the auditorium during concerts when my kids are performing.I shamelessly cry and my throat gets choked as soon as I spot them on the stage amongst the crowd of performers.Other parents give me strange looks but I just have no control.I wail on the mute mode (thankfully!)

Movies are another thing when it comes to shedding tears.Even the atrocious ,nonsensical ones can have that one moment,just one fleeting moment for my eyes to go on the watery trail.Can you imagine how embarrassing it can get ?I am scared to go for Housefull 2 type of movies for that reason.Serious movies can justify my red nose,chinky eyes,puffed-up face in the lobby but a Housefull type and  that kind of appearance attracts attention in the wrong direction.People look at me and then give strange looks to Hobbs.I have never blamed him for leaving the theater ahead of  'The end' under the pretext of rushing to the car park. Two decades of being married kind of develops that kind of understanding between couples.Thank God most Bollywood movies do not have ends that can not be missed.I am filled with disgust when my eyes refuse to cooperate in a K Jo movie and overflow with Shahrukh hamming big time on the screen and you can never ever understand the shame I go through while some random Balaji soap does the same to me and I am not even following the story!The point is,you cry, my eyes follow.As simple as that.

 Talent shows,reality shows,you name it..while the contestants are busy shedding crocodile tears,I am busy shedding real ones looking at them.There are some songs which make me sob ,like the 'ma' song from Taare Zameen Par.Each time ,every bloody time I listen to it,I sob.Muffin my son, actually tried playing that in the background once  to emotionally blackmail me and it almost worked. My brain was thankfully more hyperactive compared to my lachrymals that day. I have cried for each milestone that my kids crossed.They have grown up now but I still forget the demonic behavior of the previous night and stare misty eyed at the angelic faces of both as they sleep.

When Shakespeare said ,if you have tears,prepare to shed them now...he meant me and I do not even need to prepare.They are spontaneous,mine are shed just like that ,at the drop of a hat.
How true when they say,tears are the heart's own dew!


  1. Yep..that's me...Me and my hyperactive tear glands, waiting to overflow at the slightest provocation. I really don't need an occasion to shed my tears. Thankfully, my daughter is worse.
    Especially at the movies...she sobs, she bawls and the busy me forgets to shed her quota.

    1. Feels nice to hear that.I thought I might improve with age but it is getting worse!

  2. oh yeah ...that song from TZP and the crying at some scenes in movies....heheh true with me too and also at other times like you said - holding a friend's baby in our just pours!!

    1. Arre,national anthem,devotional songs (and I am not even religious),anything can be a trigger:/

  3. Welcome back after this long gap of over two months.
    That was nice to read.
    I had missed your postings.

    Being a hardened male, tears are not expected from me.
    But occasionally I do shed dry invisible tears, accompanied by that feeling of a lump in my throat when I am emotionally overwhelmed.

    I liked those quotes "tears are the heart's own dew" and "tears are the silent language of grief"

    Shakespeare's "If you have tears, prepare to shed them now" is quoted often by me wife as she comes out of the kitchen, with a vegetable cutting board and a knife to hand over to me as I sit at the dining table with a newspaper. My old response is a sigh, as I put away the newspaper and chop finely the onions that she brings along with the knife and other paraphernalia.

    An old agreement between us is that she will not waste tears on onions. I will. She uses her tears more fruitfully, to extract concessions from me during our periodical emotional battles at home.


    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Chopping onions is a nice way to cleanse your eyes,you should thank your wife:D
      I must meet your wife to take tuitions in the art mentioned,that is where I suffer from dry eye syndrome.

  4. I face the problem myself... mmy eyes become misty, and before i realize, the tear drops down...
    It does become difficult to explain.. and people around me are yet to come to terms with it...

    I guess i've learnt to live with it...

  5. This time you poured your heart out too and not only tears. Lovely post, Sharmila!

  6. it happens is natural but is good for health



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