Sunday, January 8, 2012

South Asian Reading Challenge 2011---List of books .

I came to know about the South Asian reading challenge by Swapna Krishna of skrishna's books in the month of May and I took it up just to see how many books I can finish reading by the end of the year comfortably without pushing myself too hard.I am pretty happy with my score but would have loved it, had it been a total of fifty.

I generally pick books after I read a review or if the author is someone I like reading.This was challenging for me because I had never read so many books from the region,in a row.I did get bored in the middle as it was kind of getting monotonous so I  included a few other books as well in my list of  good reads.In all I enjoyed about 52 books .

Listing below all the titles that  I read from 15th of May till 31st of December.Wish I could review as much as I read ...This year I plan to change that.Just saw a book review challenge floating around and I think I should take it up!

Here goes the list in no particular order :

1.Between the assassinations-----Arvind Adiga
2.Eat pray love-------------------Elizabeth Gilbert
3.Love life and all that jazz--------Ahmed Faiaaz
4.God save the Dork-------------Sidin Vadukut
5.Dork-The incredible adventures
 of Robin Einstien Vergese--------Sidin Vadukut
6.Life is what you make it--------Preeti Shenoy
7.35 bubblegums and candies----Preeti Shenoy
8.I have a dream----------------Rashmi bansal
9.Connecting the dots----------Rashmi Bansal
10.Roads to Massoorie--------Ruskin Bond
11.Funny side up--------------Ruskin Bond
12.Laughter omnibus----------Ruskin Bond
13.Two states,story of
my marriage--------------------Chetan bhagat
14.Horn ok please-------------Karthik iyengar
15.Highway on my plate--------Rocky Singh
16.Down the road---------------Ahmed Faiaaz,Rohini Kejriwal
17Almost Single-----------------Advaita Kala
18Urban shots-------------------Various-edited by Paritosh Uttam
19Last man in the tower--------Arvind Adiga
20Palace of illusions-----------Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
21Oh shit not again-------------Mandar Kokate
22.Right fit wrong shoe---------Varsha Dixit
23.Xcess baggage-------------Varsha Dixit
24.Dreaming in Hindi----------Katherine Russel Rich
25.Packof lies-----------------Urmilla Deshpande
26.Lives of strangers----------Chitra Divakaruni
27.I am another you----------Priya kumar
28.Bombay duck is a fish-----Kanika Dhillon
29.Love lust and life----------Azaan Ahsan
30.Landour days-------------Ruskin Bond
31.Polyester prince----------hanish Mcdonald
32.Interpreter of maladies----Jhumpa lahiri
34.Home--------------------Manju Kapur
35.The immigrant------------Manju Kapur
36.One amazing thing--------Chitra Banerjee divakaruni
37Holy Cow----------------Sarah Mcdonald
38.Love and longing in Bombay--Vikram Chandra
39.Brick Lane----------------Monika Ali
40.Can't die for size zero---- -Vrushali Telang
41.The great Indian Love story--Ira Trivedi
42.There is no God-------------Khushwant Singh

I am all ready for the next challenge!


  1. you read some amazing books :) All the best for 2012

  2. Great list.
    I used to be a voracious reader once upon a time.
    That was the pre-tv, pre - pc/internet era.
    Radio was the only competing distraction.
    People like me who didn't play too many games, who didn't party, or gossip or socialise much, had only book reading to be occupied with during their leisure hours.
    You could keep yourself engaged without disturbing others, unlike listening to the radio. We joined book lending libraries, lent and borrowed from friends and relatives, and occasionally purchased them.
    Nowadays, I read very few books.
    Internet browsing has grabbed most of my reading time.
    Even then I managed to read about two dozen books in the last 12 monhhs.

  3. Reema,Thank you and welcome to my space:)

  4. GVji,Reading is important,how you do it, is not and you are very well read for sure :)
    For me,I love the smell of books and the feel of paper.Browsing takes up about 2 hrs of mine everyday too.

  5. Wow.. an excellent list of fantastic books. :) I can see your love for reading. I know.. it is such a wonderful feeling. There are quite a few good books listed here which I have not yet read. So will add them to my list.



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