Monday, January 30, 2012

Palmistry,Love Signs and More

Most likely things you have been told after a palm reading session :
--you are a very loving person
--you are a loyal friend                                                                            
--you always give more,expecting much less in return
--aap dil ke saaf ho
--life has taught you a lot
--you are very responsible
--where ever you may be you are always thinking about your family
-- nothing comes to you easily,your life is full of struggles
--you still haven't got your due
--you are much more worthy of what you have got in life,thoda support hota toh aaj kahaan hote aap ..
--aap ko muft ka paisa nai pachta (You can not digest easy money)

Astrology,palmistry,tarot reading,tea/coffee cup reading,aura reading ,numerology and the like never fail to amuse me.My first meeting with an astrologer was in third year of college when I accompanied a friend to her family astrologer.She always consulted him before taking any major step and since I was going through a rough patch at that time,she thought it fit to tag me along.A tiny room was full of people with varying degrees of grim expressions on their faces.Each 'consultation' took about thirty minutes,at the end of which the bhakt touched guruji's feet and left .I told dad about my meeting and he was swift in talking me out of my brief inclination.

Nothing that was told to me had made any  sense anyway, nor did I follow any instructions thereafter but the whole idea of there being a science which could see through people's personalities or predict their future,intrigued me.So for a couple of years I read a lot of astrology and palmistry.I also read and researched about body language and stars and signs.Linda Goodman was my favorite and her books  'Sun signs'' and 'Love signs' were on the tip of my tongue.I took pride in looking at a person and many a times guessing his Sun sign correctly.

A lot of time was whiled away in college canteen and at the katta, discussing the future of  new college couples .We predicted the success and failure of their relationships at our end with the help of  love signs.Many bets were won. Colour based mind games and personality and body language analyses were a major source of entertainment during college trips.I used a lot of above mentioned statements while reading palms and it never failed to generate interest and awe.The impressed 'client' mostly a junior bakra would come to know of the truth much later :p

During one such college trips,a rather shy classmate of mine extended his palm for me to read.After the customary disclaimer in place,I asked him what he wanted to know.Tell me anything that I do not know about myself ,he said.Since every other guy/gal was interested in knowing about his/her love life or lack of it,I thought I would tell him about that.I told him that he was not heading for a love match and that in all probabilities,he was going to have an arranged match.He smiled and walked back to his window seat.

My 'Vidya' met with a tragic end as I fell in love with my best friend , after insisting for a long time that we were friends and nothing more.It was the same shy guy I later married.So much for my prediction :D On his part, Hobbs  has never teased me about that prediction ,I wonder why?
Haven't gone back to those texts since then. I miss all the fun though... :)


  1. Astrology is part psychology but I have heard that it is accurate if the time of birth is calculated to the precise second and the horoscope cast properly. Not that I consult any astrologer :)

    1. I just do not understand the need to consult Zephyr.Some of those who believe, do not take a step forward without consulting an Astrologer and that I think is not right.

  2. Nice story line.. can make a blockbuster romantic movie..

  3. Nice one Sharmila! You predicted everyone's future but for your own!!:)

  4. sharmila
    Interesting post.

    Here is my detailed comment in two parts,
    Part 1

    My own feelings have swung between belief and scepticism like a pendulum ever since, as a teenager about to enter his twenties, I first took interest in the subject

    At the age of 63 now, this is my current belief .

    I have no idea if palmistry is valid. I have not believed in it.

    I don't believe in Weekly forecasts, monthly forecasts, Signs of the Zodiac etc. I don't think two Librans have the same nature.
    I know a Capricornian woman happily married to a Libran man, though all the astrological theories call it a disastrous match. That couple is my wife and I!
    For me, a Libran, Gemini is supposed to be one I would get along best with. The only Gemini woman I know intimately repels me when I think of her as a potential wife.

    I dismiss all "This week for you" and birthday forecasts and advice in newspapers and periodicals as complete nonsense. I also dismiss all political predictions and predictions about the fate of nations and predictions about the end of the world.

    But do I hold astrology as a whole in contempt? No! I am willing to believe there is something in it. It is not total nonsense.

    I believe, if a COMPETENT and HONEST astrologer with sufficient experience, is given the CORRCT date and time of birth and the correct place of birth, and if you give him time to do his homework, he can, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, make some long term predictions. He can't be 100 percent accurate but some achieve over 80 percent accuracy.

    At the age of 50 I came to know that my late mom and my father in law (both great believers in astrology) had consulted a renowned and aged astrologer in Kerala just before my marriage at the age of 26.

    He did a detailed analysis of my horoscope and submitted a signed and sealed hand written 4 page detailed report in Malayalam that sketched out, not in vague terms capable of various interpretations but specific terms major incidents in my life span.

    He touched upon health, career, finance, travel and marriage and outlined the ups and downs after I crossed the age of 20.

    While he of course did not indicate exact or even approximate bank balances he clearly indicated the ages when my finances would peak, when they were moderate and the age when these landmarks would be achieved. And no, he did not take the safe way out by predicting better and better financial reserves as I age. He deviated from the usual pattern of an average man's finances at least twice and stuck his neck out by highlighting a trough and a peak at an age when it was difficult to justify it.

    As regards health, he did not name the ailments but predicted correctly the approximate age when there would be serious health setbacks. My mild heart attack and angioplasty two years ago is reflected in his report, without the ailment being named specifically. He merely called it a serious setback calling for hospitalisation and successful treatment.

    He correctly indicated the approximate ages when I would travel abroad. Without naming countries, he indicated directions and the duration of these stays. I have been in Korea, Finland and USA. All are in different directions and he has hit bulls eye as regards direction and approximate age (give or take a year or two)

    He correctly predicted at what age I would scale peaks in my professional career and the age at which I would launch off on my own after resigning my well paid and secure job in a senior position and the age at which I would finally terminate my career.

    There was no way he could be making wild guesses. He has hit bulls eye on the number of children I would have and also predicted some personal things about my offspring which I cannot share publicly but they seem to be coming true too and I will know in a couple of years if he was accurate here too...contd part 2..

  5. my comments,
    ..Part 2
    None of these things were told to me by my mom who knew what I sceptic I was and I read these predictions on my 50th birthday. I am now 63 and shortly I will be able to verify if the last of his predictions will come true and all indications are that he was on the right track!

    No, I am not influenced by it and am not taking decisions to make them come true. I am facing circumstances now that are forcing me to take the decisions in my life which are per this astrologers predictions.

    Bottom line
    Ignore weekly forecasts, Sun signs etc.
    But if some experienced astrologer with a reputation for accuracy, and willing to stick his neck out with a signed and sealed report is available, do not dismiss it contemptuously. Use it as a guide to prepare for life. If a health set back is predicted, get yourself insured! If business troughs are predicted, do not invest in risky new ventures. This is the minimum we can do.

    This astrologer is no longer alive and his hand written document will be a treasured family document.


  6. Thank you GV .Was not aware of the word limit for comments,hence struggled for quite some time with settings to set it right.Could not do it :( Finally posted in two parts.
    You have provided interesting insights into Astrology.Our beliefs are indeed based on our experiences.Thanks for sharing.
    My stint began and ended in fun and was limited to dissecting Linda Goodman and pretending palm reading:D

  7. Really!! you ended up marrying that shy chap! He must have been in love with you all the time and was testing your gift for the gab! And you certainly didn't disappoint :)

  8. guessed it right Purba :)

  9. I agree with Purba :) Ain't you Glad your sunsigns were wrong that time ?

  10. Totally!Thank you for reading,welcome to my space.


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  12. study b v raman, k n rao, jaimini rishi books you will realize that astrology is not pseudo science.

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