Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Took time off on Saturday to be around cookie(daughter) for her exams.While she poured over her books,I poured over mine in between demands of tang,coffee,sandwich,'press- my- head 'etc.Eleven books down and I am on my twelfth which is taking longer than expected what with cookie's  exams,muffin's (son's) vacations and hence boredom ,maids on leave,packed appointments at workplace etc.How am I coping?? Not so bad with all my hair in place I should say.
In my race with myself to read more,I tried reading two three titles simultaneously but such attempts slowed down the reading part and robbed me of reading pleasure..so not my cup of tea, I say.Somehow I  like to pick up something to read,and prefer to keep it back on the shelf ,once done ,line- one to the -end.....kind of keeps me connected to the author and the subject.
My daily challenges sound benign but they are enough to keep you away from any thing that needs concentration,reading is one of them.

 As if I was not time -challenged enough,muffin's school decided to start earlier this year ,that means no late nights which are so essential ( any book-worm will agree).Sigh, will have to reschedule my timetable!Again!!

 Sometimes it is the shrill doorbell that brings you back to the harsh reality from the picturesque setting of your new novel,or the cook bangs the door  just when the TDH guy in the book is in the middle of a romantic interlude .

If you are enjoying a horror story,the haunted house you are exploring with bated breath,will come alive in reality with the sharp ,shrill ,ear-splitting scream belonging to Cookie as Muffin just threw a  rubber lizard at her.The next hour is devoted to them to ensure no one gets killed.

 Juggling all of that and much more through the day,night time is the best time or so I thought until Muffin broke the news of his changed school timings !!

In the midst of mad morning rush Muffin mumbled something through  mouthful of Chocos today,something to the tune of  hate  -hindi-talk -come- school-bus.I did not pay much attention as my yoga teacher was demanding mine(attention) at that very precise moment sitting idle on her mat waiting for me to finish my chores. I realized it  when the maid called to inform about the missing muffin well past his return time.Damn!!was I supposed to pick him up?Mad rush ensued again...call,coordinate,pacify,run..and 40 minutes of confusion later there he was at home safe and sound..

 Three days into school and I walk like a zombie already.


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