Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brothers in Arms..

A little walk the talk with my two brothers before Rakshabandhan.
I always wanted to ask you dear brothers :-
--What were you thinking before beating up a random guy who YOU thought in your head was following me on his bike? I was not being an ehsaanfaramosh when I did not appreciate your 'efforts' because I sincerely thought that  the poor guy must be speeding  on the road which did not belong to us ,in his hurry to reach somewhere important.As far as my speeding is concerned ,you are well aware of my aversion to use public toilets and my heading home speed has always been maximum. In other words,I was not speeding away from the poor soul,he did not even register,my only aim was to reach the loo asap.
--Were you aware of your size when you thought of confronting a guy who you thought used to stare at me? Thankfully the guy did not return the dent that your tiny 11year old fist caused him in his ribs .You just about managed to tickle him,pun intended. My embarrassment? The word did not exist in your limited primary school vocabulary so let us not come to that.
--I hope you understand now, that all those who glanced in my direction were not exactly Goondas.
Thank you for 'protecting' me  in the school Rickshaw.The stern looks on your little frames was enough to scare anyone and everyone harbouring any ideas regarding your big sister sitting in the middle.
--What made you break open the lock of my mystery box and secretly read my secret diary. Had I not destroyed the same in my volcanic anger,I could have been a strong contender for Booker or some such prize.Teen angst makes a good read you see! There can be no best-seller like a campus love story or secret conversations of gossip girls at a pyjama party. Your loss entirely, brothers -in-arms lost your only chance to be famous brothers of a published author.
--Why did you ,without failing even once,redirect your ire against me whenever mom sent me over to untangle your wrestling limbs.I always ended up being at the bottom of the pile, completely at your mercy.I very sheepishly admit today that I loved being the reason for you to forget about  your own fight .That you thoroughly enjoyed my plight was wicked on your part but then..

                                                                          courtesy Google images             

                                                                  courtesy google images      

--MB ,why on earth did you learn the Railway timetable by heart ? Why did you cycle all the way to the station just to see the super fast Gitanjali Express hurtle past the platform? Why??
--PS, was there any day in your life,that made you less saintly than you have always been? Please own up.MB and I could never match up to your standards.
--Why would both of you be more interested in tagging along by my side every day .Old Peepul was on your side ,one look at its accommodating frame and I would give in.
Brothers in my arms,thus I had been ,
till better sense prevailed and
they sprouted wings.

I also have a  few confessions  in place in this space today -

--I apologise for making you run errands for me just because I was the big sister and I knew you could not refuse me out of love. However, if you think I am going to own up and say that yes, I did call you one day from the playground just to give me a glass of water,you are mistaken.Believe it or not, I DID NOT know that you were playing outside .Not my fault that you responded to my call while fielding near our gate. I am not even smiling while I write this,I swear!
--I am guilty of stealing Dusserie mangoes from your share and eating them up during Summers.I have been suitably punished -while you embraced fitness ,I still struggle to shake of those tyres.

I can go on and on but just one last thing on my mind has to be told now, lest I forget.
Remember,the photograph we clicked at a nearby studio on my 13th birthday? Dressed to kill in my new Yellow Maxi,I was so sure I could give Miss India some serious competition that day.  You could have shown some sensitivity towards a girl entering her teens,rather than contorting your faces  when the photographer cheerfully said ISSSMILEE!! I could never flaunt that photograph in school.Three  faces contorted beyond recognition in their vain efforts to control laughter, did not make a pretty picture.We could have simply laughed and saved mom and dad some money that day,don't you think?

I have sent my Rakhis in time this year to escape your wrath PS . MB, I will indulge in some harmless extortion when I see you that day.Be prepared !


  1. I promised myself I will not read blogs today and give a rest to my much-tormented-molested-myopic eyes. But I couldn't resist the delectable words of a reminiscing blogger-sister! You are lucky to have such guardian angels indeed. I am also so sorry about the diary you burnt! I shudder to think how there would have been no God of Small Things had Arundhati Roy fallen to a similar rage!

    1. It is such a pleasure to see your comments in my space USP :)
      You must have guessed by now who I have in mind to blame if I fail to get published..
      A research is needed to know more about Arundhati and Chetan's siblings.

  2. I was laughing away to glory when I read this. Are they reading this?? :D

    Awesome awesoem post :) reminded me of my days and how I used my Bro's toothbrush to clean my chappals :D

    1. PS has not and MB has acknowledged as I can see his 'like' on my FB :0
      Hahaha...toothbrush to clean chappals!! Now that is something,why did I never think of that?!

  3. That was an absolutely delectable post, Sharmila. Hope your extortion works when you meet the boys :)

    Happy Raksha Bandhan!

    1. Extortion always works!It is just that we have taken a back seat and kids do it more.They pre-decide what they want,with our money of course..!! Since we believe in equality,the damage is double :)Had fun Zephyr ,Thank you.

  4. grow up with super possessive brothers who think the entire world is out to get their sister!

    Endearingly sweet post :-)

  5. You have captured all the beautiful moments of sibling fun and rivalry......stealing mangoes and reading diaries....brought back memories.

    1. Thank you Alka.This day brought back a mixed bag of childhood memories:)

  6. This post will now get etched as probably a best confession of a loving sister and am sure your brothers must be proud of you notwithstanding that you did not make to Booker:)



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