Saturday, October 24, 2009

simple pleasures-doing nothing

Ever asked yourself this question earnestly:
What is a simple pleasure for me?The answer changes many times over the years in our lives.For some it could be a holiday and for others a cold day, a cup of hot coffee and reading a book wrapped in a rajaii (yumm..)could be the simplest of pleasures.
Last vacation planned at the spur of the moment saw me with children in tow to my favourite destination london.Children were not so keen with their dad being away on a trip but tagged along nevertheless.What started as one of the many vacations turned out to be the most memorable one.We had all the time on our hands and thekids had me their ever so busy mother to themselves,no dad,no work abso. nothing to do.Complete lukhhas that we were we decided to you guessed it right -do nothing.We would laze around in bed (a luxury),talk,have chai, laze some more, talk some more, giggle,and do more of nothing.If this wasn't bliss nothing else could be..Evenings we went grocery shopping,grabbed a street bite or simply got bread butter and achar to munch in the room .more bliss tucked in the bed.Sometimes we would just walk on the pavement barefoot on the freshly shed leaves.We even sat down to gossip and pose for each other.
End of the vacation we all came back a few kilos heavier but it was all worth it when I hear my kids say that that was the best one they ever had..
More such simple pleasures later..

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