Thursday, September 20, 2012

Printer that left an imprint-HP inkadvantage Blogadda meet.

  The Blogadda #HP inkadvantage meet at Fat Cat Cafe was a lively interactive meet where bloggers met one Saturday afternoon to get enlightened  about printing. We all have printers at home which over the years have served their purpose but are still part of our homes and offices. My oldest HP printer still occupies a corner in my back office. The old faithful Black and White Laser printer is put to work daily by the assistants . Newer printers have been bought ,yet old ones remain....Through this meet I wanted to understand what suited best for my office and home needs.

The meet started with every one coming up with innovative ways to introduce oneself using at least one word out of many given by the hosts. It was intriguing how bloggers came up with funny one liners and paragraphs and poems to introduce themselves. Tweeting was taken to another level,with Sagarika from Blogadda announcing special prizes for funniest tweet,most number of tweets and whacky tweet. There was hardly any dull moment at the meet .

Few questions were put up for the bloggers which they were more than happy to answer. Mr Ghosh from HP  gave a talk on various printers and especially talked about the star of the afternoon ,the printer with the #inkadvantage.At 0.80 paise it seemed to be really at an advantage.

A a few questions were thrown at the gathering for an interactive session. That set all of us thinking about printers back home and at the office .Almost everyone who spoke had a favourite printer to talk about.

Fun began with a Jenga jung of sorts between two teams. After the careful dismantling of the towers and exercising their mental faculties,the winning team got busy tweeting furiously, again.
I have always been fond of At Fat Cat Cafe's food and as always,it did not disappoint me.  

The printer with an edge was the real winner that day . It comes with a few star features as we were informed by Mr Ghosh :

Reliable,time saving results made easy.
Easy mobile printing--from virtually anywhere.
Designed with the environment in mind.

The winner who got the printer could not stop grinning from ear to ear. Mr Ghosh was more than happy to give away the gifts.

Late afternoon progressed swiftly and merged with the evening as we got bust mingling with friends and the enthusiastic Blogadda team. Some candid shots by Magiceye  and  Photokadha were in place.
Evening skies indicated that it was indeed time to wrap up the meet and that is exactly what we all did.
We made few new friends and gelled with the old ones that afternoon over chai , coffee ,food and much more.
It is not surprising that I am looking forward to the next blogger meet almost as soon as I come out of the one I am at ,at that moment. One of the many advantages of blogging ,I must say.


  1. Hey Beautiful, nice compilation.

  2. printers are very important,you can use it anytime you want specially you have important papers to do..

  3. Looks like you had fun at the meet. I hope to meet you guys soon at one such blogger :)

  4. Nope, I am not going to sulk. I will refrain myself from saying, I"ll miss blogger meets and the wonderful people I get to meet every time.

    I will choose to be graceful and say - Sharmila, I'm glad you had such a great time.

    1. Hehe..and I promise not to feel jealous when you talk about all the fancy places you get to see in the picturesque country you are in.


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  6. I have never attended any blogger meet. :( I saw this event's photos on Facebook. It looked so much fun and after reading about it, I know it was fun for sure. Thanks for sharing.:)



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